“I was looking for a redesign of my home, and as a builder I diligently checked a host of options. I finally found what I wanted after I visited a friend who had recently had her floors installed at Jasso Hardwood Floors. I met Jasso’s owner who impressed me with his knowledge of flooring, from types of floor to what would fit in my home. I also felt a chemistry with him which gave me the confidence to install hardwood in five rooms in my home.

The hand-scraped with brown finish added a distinctive design that enhanced the look of my furnishings and complemented all of the spaces where it was installed. It was the look I always wanted.

A special feature Jasso included was building the high velocity mini-duct HVAC system with mount built-in vents delivering air at high speeds through small ducts from the floor which matches the wood. Unlike large wall or ceiling-mounted air grills these don’t show. I thought that was a 'cool' feature.

Most importantly, the Jasso team delivered superior experience from start to finish. They knew what they were doing and I'm loving it!"

~ Buddy Guidry
   Homeowner, Atlanta, GA

“My builder recommended using Jasso Hardwood Floors, and I am so glad he did. He used Jasso hardwood at a local hotel and I wanted to replicate. I like the look and feel of real hardwood.  Also I like the fact that wood floors evolve with my home as the style of the décor changes.

I am an interior designer myself, so I understand quality product.

My hand-scraped walnut floors are beautiful! They go with everything, so I had them installed in the main level and upstairs of my home. It’s the first thing our guests compliment us on when they walk in my house.

The appearance surpassed my expectations and I have been very happy with this product in terms of design, customer service and timeliness. Reyes and team were great to work with!"

~ Krista Fowler
   President, Krista Fowler Interiors

"After seeing my neighbor’s gorgeous hardwood floors I purchased and installed hardwood upstairs and also downstairs over an existing floor. The antique brown coloring has really added beauty and elegance to my home and it looks like a new space. The oil-based finish makes the natural wood grain pop. It’s also easy to do spot repairs, even in high-traffic areas. The environment-friendly low VOC rating is important to me and is an added bonus."

~Carrie Fields
  homeowner, MIlton GA