Custom Craftmanship tailored to your needs.

Craftmanship is the most important quality you need for a successful project. Our people work hard to create that beautiful and special look that makes our floors unique. Our satisfaction is to create a work of art for each one of our customers.

Jasso Floors are handcrafted

We achieve that perfect match.

We developed our own proprietary wood dyes and pigments to provide a one-of-a-kind custom look. Jasso Hardwood Floors works with different kinds of stains to mix and match the color that you want. Our quest is to create the exact color match that you select.

Our processes are what makes us different from other hardwood floor companies. Wire brushing and hand scraping requires intensive labor from our people. Both are used to give the floor a different look from regular floors. They are done by hand and require a great amount of effort with attention to detail. And the results are amazing.